How to Achieve More Precision With a Vertical Grinder?

The Vertical Grinder by Bosch is a quality grinder that comes in two different models. The LSS 53 Vertical Grinder by Bosch is extremely versatile and is suitable for both grinding and polishing. This is one of the lightest heavy-duty grinders available in the market. The LSS 53 has a universal voltage drive and comes in an aluminum body. The sturdy LSS arch-top design makes this grinder ideal for all types of applications. The smooth, rectangular body and variable spindle configurations give it the versatility to be used on many types of surfaces.

The LSS series stands for low-sound grinding and is also referred to as the silent vertical grinder. Due to its special design, there is minimal noise emission from the grinding components. It is very durable and strong and is suitable for all types of turning tasks. The rigid triangular shaped air driven aluminum cylinder and vertically situated air flow control lugs give the unit excellent durability and long service life. It is equipped with ergonomic handles for better comfort while working. The lightweight, high torque brush/driven blade system gives it the ability to perform accurate, smooth and steady vertical motion for long hours.

The LSS series has been designed to give excellent finishing results on a wide range of surfaces. The adjustable cutting angle allows for more precise finish on smaller and thicker materials and even on curved surfaces as well. The built-in anti-fog and self-cleaning features help to reduce the buildup of crystalline matter and the clamping force and resulting roundness error is lessened due to the presence of a low coolant level.

One big advantage of using this grinder system is that you can use it on any type of workpiece. The flexible workplace allows for a wide range of work pieces to be installed into it and as the angle of attack is set accordingly, it provides for very precise and accurate turning. The workplace also has a higher chances of retaining the workpiece after each use. The vertical grinder also offers users with a host of benefits as compared to conventional types. For example, you can use it without any motor or electricity, and this makes it an economical option. Also, if one setup is difficult to handle, one can easily alter it to suit other workpieces.

LSS vertical grinder systems have a high efficiency that makes them ideal for applications requiring high torque and high speed performance. The low coolant level ensures that there is no build-up of crystalline matter that can affect the performance of the chuck. This also reduces the chatter and burrs that are common in some chuck designs. The vertical grinding unit also features a variable speed guard and provides complete control over the turning speeds, so users can ensure accuracy.

When you compare these components against each other, you will find that the LSS vertical grinder systems have a number of advantages over conventional ones. Not only do they provide for a safer, faster and more accurate work operation but they also produce less distortion. They also help to eliminate the chatter and burrs caused by sudden changes in speed and apply a more even pressure along the workpiece axis. This results in better control, greater accuracy and less wear and tear on the equipment.