Three Types of Electric Grinders

A double-sided grinder is a solid, sturdy grinder with just two slices of stone. But a double-sided grinder comes with its own benefits as well. The reason that a grinder has only two slices of stone is because the process of grinding is completely done both ways. This means a more even cutting surface is achieved. Another benefit of a double-sided grinder is the ability to create uniform, even cuts all the way through the piece of stone.

Doublesided Grinder

Two different types of these kinds of grinders exist. There is the single-side grinder, and the multi-side grinder. In the single-side grinder the workpiece is placed in the housing and the grinding wheel is turned clockwise with one hand while the other hand is free to rotate the workpiece. As the grinding wheel rotates the workpiece towards the grinding stone, the grinding ground material separates into two parallel planes and then exits the grinding face through the opposite side of the stone. In the multi-side grinder the workpiece is set parallel to the base of the grinding stone, and then the grinding wheel is turned counter clockwise to move the workpiece towards the grinding stone.

While both types of grinders are extremely helpful for achieving uniform cuts, it is the multi-side type that can provide the greatest benefit. When the workpiece is set parallel to the base of the grinding stone, it provides a greater level of uniformity in the cuts that are produced. Because the two slices of stone have been set very close to each other, even the tightest and most exact cuts will be achieved. This is because there are not any planes that need to be cut away from either side of the stone.

While the two-sided is certainly faster than the one-side method, the precision with which a two-sided is used is also much less precise. This is because the face of the grinding wheel has to be turned at an angle that is half as much as that required for the one-sided type. This slight decrease in accuracy makes the two-sided a better choice for some home grinders, but the one-side remains the better option for professional grinders.

The three major types of grinders include those that use a belt, a one-sided grinders, and double-sided grinder. With the two-sided grinders, there is a trigger control that causes the workpiece to be moved along the surface of the grinding stone. With the one-sided grinders, there is a push button that causes the workpiece to be moved. The double-sided grinder is designed with two pieces of stone that face each other, but only grind when the bottom piece is turned. These are generally more expensive grinders.

In addition to the differences between the two types of grinding, there are other considerations that should be taken into account. Double-sided grinders usually need to be used indoors, as well as requiring a separate electrical outlet for use. This is due to the electric current passing through the surface of the stone. Indoor use will require a separate outlet because of the heat generated by the stone. One type of grinding blade, the flat grind, has a grinding blade that cuts across the face of the stone, which can be an advantage because it cuts a variety of surfaces. However, it also generates more heat, which is a disadvantage in an indoor setting.